Welcome to AK Karen.net

My name is Karen.

I fell in love with web design (and computers in general) about 16 years ago. I like to see each need become an idea and each idea reach realization. And I love seeing that I brightened someones day by making it all happen. Anything is possible, and I know that with the right effort each little detail can be perfect.

A good website eases the viewer into the right frame of mind with it’s colors and images. It gives the user what they need without getting in the way. It is your home, you may choose what decorates it down to the smallest detail and if you like I will offer assistance. My job is to make your corner of the web into exactly what you want from it and keep it that way. I aim to be your interior designer and housekeeper.

You will find I’m a very laid back person and easy to get along with. I enjoy hearing your opinions on what you’d like to see on a website and how you’d like to present yourself or your company online.

I make websites running either simple HTML (with some Java/Javascript) or preferably WordPress websites with a custom designed theme based off of your logo and/or favorite colors. I can also assist with designing a logo and I have plenty of experience with vector images so that your logo images will always be the best quality and immune to distortion.

I would also be very happy to maintain and improve an existing WordPress website. I have been working with WordPress for nearly three years now and with HTML since I was 11.

I have been working with photos and photo editing (in Photoshop and other programs) almost as long and very much enjoy photography. I would like to share my experience, and camera, with you, and see you and your project benefit.

I’m very glad you decided to visit and I do hope that we will speak more in the future.

Relay to me the picture you paint in your mind, and I’ll see what I can do.  :)

  • Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Identity Building
  • Vector Image Creation
  • Social Media Assistance and Integration
  • Some Photoshopping
    (See portfolio)
  • Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Web Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • PayPal/Shopping Cart Website Installation
  • Desktop Publishing


I carry an Android smartphone so that I am able to not only respond to text messages but also make changes to your website on the fly so that you can see the changes within minutes of our conversation. :)